Data API and Admin API Packages/Wrappers For FM 17 and later

This PDF provides a list of available packages/wrappers in various languages for use with FileMaker's Data API and Admin API interface for FileMaker 17 and later. Some packages may only work with FM 17 or FM18+; check with the author for compatibility

Last Updated: June 17th, 2019

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Data API

C#fmdataNate Bross
FileMaker ScriptingfmPDAMark DeNyse
JavascriptFileMaker-Data-API-DemoSteve Winter
JavascriptFMS-API-ClientLui de la Parra
.NETfmdataNate Bross
.NETFMdotNet__DataAPIWim Decorte
PHPFMDataAPIMasayuki Nii
PHPfmPDAMark DeNyse
PHPfmRESTKen d’Oronzio
PHP/JavaScriptINTER-MediatorINTER-Mediator Directive Committee
PostManFMS Data APIWim Decorte
PythonfmrestEric Luce
Pythonpython-fmrestDavid Hamann
Rubyfmrest-rubypcarbajal - Beezwax
SwiftSwiftFMBrian Hamm

Admin API

FileMaker ScriptingAdmin API FileMaker ScriptingTMS Software
FileMaker ScriptingFileMaker Admin API Demom_aoto
FileMaker ScriptingFM-Admin-API-ToolMike Duncan
FileMaker ScriptingFMS 17 Missing Admin ToolClaus Lavendt
FileMaker ScriptingFM Server ManagerProductive Computing
FileMaker ScriptingfmPDAMark DeNyse
GoatatikiFmsBotJohan Sundell
GofmcsadminEmic Corporation
JavascriptFileMakerAdminAPIBrendan Pierce
JavascriptFMS-ACEWim Decorte
PHPfmPDAMark DeNyse