fmPDA: FileMaker PHP Data API

A replacement for FileMaker's API for PHP that works with the new Data API.

At the 2017 FileMaker Developer's Conference, there were discusssions about how to move existing CWP code using FileMaker's API For PHP to the new Data API (REST) interface. fmPDA solves this issue by providing method-level compatibility to the existing API with minimal code changes on your part. This package includes the PHP source, example files, and a sample FileMaker database.

2015 FileMaker Developer Conference - Las Vegas

Two Factor Authentication Sign In

Demonstrate how to send a verification code via SMS (text message) to a user's mobile phone during Sign In.

Caching Container Fields On The Web Server

Cache your container fields in a web server directory for increased performance. Cache auto-updates when the container field in FileMaker is modified.

2014 FileMaker Developer Conference - San Antonio

Custom Web Publishing with FullCalendar

Integrate the JQuery Plug in FullCalendar into your CWP solution. Demonstrates how to pull data from FileMaker and display on the calendar, handle drag and drop, event resizing, etc.

PHP define() statement code generator

Outputs define() statements for the database info, layout name, field names, and table occurence(s) on a FileMaker layout. This is a handy way to isolate all the hard-coded strings in your code in one location. Working in a team or even alone, it's a great way to self-document your database usage with your web application. Save the output to a file, then include() in all your PHP CWP scripts.

fmp:// protocol example - using FileMaker scripts as callback validators

A simple FileMaker database demonstrating one of many ways to implement modal dialogs. Because the dialog code knows nothing of the underlying database, the caller passes a script name which the dialog code calls (via fmp://) when the user clicks the OK button. The script then validates the data and optionally displays a message.

Other Stuff

Loosely coupled chunks of FileMaker functionality - sponsored by geist interactive. Our favorite is #Parameters.

FileMaker Custom Functions

A collection of PHP-based functions to simplify handling of FTP operations, file I/O, and other assorted functions. Requires the SmartPill plug-in.

More FileMaker Custom Functions
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